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Project Needs

Requests for localization assistance from Localization Lab supported projects.

Project Translation Needs Review Needs Project Notes Contribution Deadline Contact
GlobaLeaks Logo


Swedish, Albanian, Korean, Slovenian, Urdu, Georgian, Bosnian and Serbian Several previously released languages have not been updated in quite a while and are at risk of being excluded from future GlobaLeaks releases. We need your help updating these languages to ensure that any organizations using GlobaLeaks in these languages are not negatively impacted by dropping the languages and can more effectively use the software. June 15th, 2020
  • Join the team on the Globaleaks wiki page.
  • Contact erinm for any questions or if you would like to become a reviewer or add a language.

Community Needs

Requests for assistance from Localization Lab contributors and partner organizations.

Language Team Project Community Need Project Notes Contribution Deadline Contact
Psiphon Logo


Translation & Review
  • Psiphon website
  • Psiphon Android
Several individuals have asked after Swahili translations for Psiphon so we are coordinating an effort to work on the most used Psiphon app for Android. N/A
Tor Logo


Translation & Review We are looking for individuals interested in collaborating on translation and review of the Tor Project resources. There is currently one active contributor looking for individuals to assist with the translation and discuss terminology and style. N/A
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Review We are looking for contributors who are interested in joining a group of Dutch reviewers who will collaborate and discuss terminology and style used across the Tor Project resources and beyond. There are currently a couple of contributors working actively on the Tor Project resources in Dutch, but more perspectives are needed. N/A