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Help us translate the Tor Project homepage by March 24th, 2019! How can you contribute? See #Tor Project Web below.
Take a look at the summary of our June 2017 Tor Project AMA (Ask Me Anything)


Tor Logo
Tor Logo

"Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security."


Translate Tor

Tor Project

The Tor Project project in Transifex contains the resources necessary to localize Tor Browser, Tor for Android and several other Tor-related services like Tails and HTTPS Everywhere.

To release a localized version of Tor Browser, Mozilla's Firefox Extended Support Release must first be available.
You can contribute to Mozilla Firefox translations through Mozilla's localization platform Pontoon.

Tor Browser Essentials

These resources are required for a Tor Browser "minimum viable product" release and should be translated first:

Torbutton - aboutDialog.dtd translate
Torbutton - aboutTBUpdate.dtd translate
Torbutton - about:tor homepage translate
Torbutton - brand.dtd
Torbutton -
Tor button - browseronboardingproperties
Tor button - translate
Torbutton - torbutton.dtd
Torbutton -
Tor Launcher - network-settings.dtd
Tor Launcher - progress


Tor Browser Supplemental

These resources are not absolutely required for a Tor Browser release, but they are highly valuable for maximum Tor Browser usability and publicity:

BridgeDB: translate The website at
HTTPS Everywhere - ssl-observatory.dtd
HTTPS Everywhere -
Tor Misc - animation-titles.pot
Tor Misc - tor-and-https.pot
Tor Misc -
TorCheck - TorCheck.pot
Release_tweets: translate let us spread the word about Tor in your language! small phrases to use on Twitter.


This operating system includes Tor Browser and other privacy-preserving features and apps. It is based on Debian and offers many locales translated on Debian. But Tails in itself has a series of interfaces and messages to translate too.

Tails Installer - the application to install Tails USB sticks translate
Tails - mat-gui - the Metadata Anonimization Toolkit translate
Tails Misc - tails.pot
Tails - onioncircuits.pot
Tails - openpgp-applet.pot
Tails - tails-greeter-2.pot
Tails - tails-iuk.pot
Tails - tails-perl5lib.pot
Tails - tails-persistence-setup.pot
Tails - whisperback.pot

The Tails website can be translated, see here for their experimental translation interface and here for their translation introduction


This is an extension to use Thunderbird through the Tor network, and other privacy features.

TorBirdy - torbirdy.dtd
TorBirdy -

Miscellaneous Content

Exonerator is a website that lets anyone check if a particular IP address was Tor relay.

Tor Project Web

The Tor Project Web Portals project can accept translations from languages that Tor Browser cannot support (due to Mozilla ESR limitations listed above.)

Please respect the order of the translations, and try to keep the first translations always updated before starting a translation further down the list.

Tor Support Portal (translate, preview, stats) FAQ with the basics about what Tor is and how to use it. Translations needed!
Tor Browser User Manual - A great resource for users starting to understand about privacy. (translate, preview, stats) Translations needed!
Tor Project Animation Subtitles for the video (translate)
Tor Project Homepage (translate, preview)
Note: The Tor Project staff bios are the lowest translation priority in this resource. You can filter them out and prioritize the rest of the website content by inputing "tags_not_contains:bio" in the Filters field in the Transifex translation editor.
Tor Project Outreach Materials (
Tor Project Donate Page (translate) our donation page.

Localization Resources

Getting up to speed on Tor's past, present, and future

Translation Repository


Tor Project Community Team Glossary
Tor Project Metrics Team Glossary
Tor Project Network Team Glossary

Style Guide


Voice & Tone:

When addressing the user, use the 2nd person informal pronoun "tú".

Localized References

Tor Support Portal
Tor Brochure
(Arabic, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish)

Localization-Related Tickets

#25575 Server space request (175 GB total) for hosting Tor Browser downloads
#20628 More locales for Tor Browser

New Tor locales Auto-updated page with newly translated locales.

#22710 produce an "all locales" nightly build of Tor Browser
#17400 Decide how to use the multi-lingual Tor Browser in the alpha/release series


IRC: You can find the Tor team on in one of the following channels depending on your topic:

#tor-l10n: For localization related questions.
#tor: For general Tor questions and support. For users of Tor.
#tor-project: Discussion related to events, outreach and translation.
#tor-dev: For those interested in Tor development.
#tor-south: Global South Initiative channel.