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Localization Lab Unified Glossary

Browse or search the glossary below using ctrl / command + f. A downloadable version of this glossary is available in Google Drive. Feel free to add comments to the Google Drive version of the glossary or add comments to the wiki if you have suggestions or disagree with translations.
term pos comment translation_id comment_id
! Conjunction Punctuation, not a conjunction, however “punctionation” is not an option in Transifex
" Conjunction Punctuation, not a conjunction, however “punctionation” is not an option in Transifex "
"%s" Conjunction Punctuation, not a conjunction, however “punctionation” is not an option in Transifex
  Conjunction &_nbsp_; [without underscores, Non-Breaking Space]
' Conjunction Punctuation, not a conjunction, however “punctionation” is not an option in Transifex
24/7 Noun Twenty-four hours, seven days a week. This essentially means "all the time". Ex: The store is open 24/7 = The store is always open. The application runs 24/7 = The application is always running.
3D bar chart Noun
: Conjunction Punctuation, not a conjunction, however “punctionation” is not an option in Transifex
; Conjunction Punctuation, not a conjunction, however “punctionation” is not an option in Transifex
? Conjunction Punctuation, not a conjunction, however “punctionation” is not an option in Transifex
A reasonably secure operating system Noun [Qubes OS] This is the Qubes OS tagline.
A security-oriented operating system Noun [Qubes OS]
API Noun Application Programming Interface: "In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software." - Wikipedia
APK Noun "Android application package (APK) is the package file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google's Android operating system and sometimes on the BlackBerry OS 10."
Access Mode Noun Mode Akses
Access Token Noun Short identification number used to add Contacts to your Martus account.
Account Recovery Noun
Account Recovery Code Noun
Advanced Search Noun
Air gap Noun
Air gapped Adjective
Air-gapped Adjective
Allow Verb
Alpha Noun
Anti Evil Maid Noun
AppVM Noun [Qubes OS] "Application Virtual Machine"A VM which is intended for running software applications.
Attach Verb
Attacker Noun
Autonomous System number Noun Sistem penomoran otomatis
BCC Noun "Blind carbon copy"
Backlog Noun
Backup Key File Noun Also: key backup
Bar Chart Noun
Benetech Noun Company name which should not be translated or transcribed.
Best-effort delivery Noun
Beta Noun
Blow the Whistle
Bounty Noun
Buffer Noun
Built Verb
CPU Noun
CSR Noun Certificate Signing Request
Calendar Noun
Chat Noun
ChatSecure Noun Application Name
Choker Noun
Chrome Web Store Noun
Cipher Noun
Clearnet Noun
Client User Interface Noun
ClockVM Noun
Collection Noun
Collusion Noun
Column Noun
Commit Noun
Commit Verb
Compartmentalization Noun
Compartmentalize Verb
Configuration Noun
Configuration Verb
Confirm Verb
Constraints Noun
Contact Noun Another Martus user with whom you can share your Martus bulletins.
Control panel Noun
Conventional Adjective
Cookie Noun
Courier Noun
Credentials Noun
Cropping Noun
Crypto Adjective Kripto
Crypto Noun Kripto
Cryptocurrency Noun Mata Uang Kripto
Current Adjective
Custom Adjective
Customization Noun
Customization Template Files (*.mct) Noun
Customize Verb
DD Noun
DHT Noun
DNS Noun
DVM Noun An abbreviation of DispVM, typically used to refer to DVM Templates.
DVM Template Noun TemplateBasedVMs on which DispVMs are based.
Darknet Noun
Dashboard Noun
Data Source Grid Noun
Data-Driven Dropdown (Field) Noun
Datastorage Noun
Date Range Noun
Deck Noun [Ooniprobe] This is a collection of ooniprobe tests and inputs.
Declined Verb
Dedicated Server Noun
Default Server Noun
Delay Noun
Desktop Client Noun
Device Noun
Digital Adjective
Directory Noun
Disable Verb
Discard Verb
Disk Noun In most contexts in Martus, "disk" refers to any sort of removable storage device (USB, CD, floppy disk etc.)
DispVM Noun [QubesOS] "Disposable Virtual Machine"A temporary AppVM based on a DVM Template which can quickly be created, used, and destroyed.
Display Keys Verb
Distributed Verb
Distributed denial of service attack Noun
Distribution Noun
Distributions Noun
Divice Management Noun
Dom0 Noun [QubesOS] "Domain Zero" Also known as the **host** domain, dom0 is the initial VM started by the Xen hypervisor on boot.
DomU Noun [QubesOS] "Unprivileged Domain"Also known as **guest** domains, domUs are the counterparts to dom0.
Drag and Drop Noun
Drawer Noun
DuckDuckGo Noun Name of an open source search engine.
Dump Noun
Dump Verb
Eligibility criteria Noun
Email address Noun
Enable Verb
Ensure Verb
Enter Verb equiv. type
Event Noun
Expiry Noun
External drive Noun
Extra text Noun
FAI satellite Noun
FAQ Noun “Frequently Asked Questions”
FOSS Noun Free and open-source software
Fallback Noun
Feedback Noun
Fetch Verb
Fetching Noun
Field Noun A data entry field
File Noun
Firefox Noun
Firewall Noun
FirewallVM Noun "Firewall Virtual Machine"A type of ProxyVM which is used to enforce network-level policies (a.k.a. "firewall rules").
Firewalled Adjective
Firmware Noun
Fix Noun
Fixes Noun
Folder Options Noun
Form Noun
Forum Noun
Frequently Asked Questions Noun “FAQ”
Functionalities Noun
Functionality Noun
GC Noun Garbage collector
GFW Noun
GPG Noun "Gnu Privacy Guard" GPG is a free software that implements OpenPGP specification
Garbage data Noun
Garlic Noun
Garlic routing Noun
Generator Noun
Get Access Mode Noun
GetTor Noun [Tor]
Getting started Noun
Ghost Noun [Peerio] "Ghost" is used as a proper noun in Peerio for a feature that allows users to send messages and files to a non-Peerio user via email or URL. This URL can be accessed with a secret passphrase and decrypted in the browser. "I sent you a (Peerio) Ghost"
Give Access Mode Noun
Go Back Verb
Google Verb Company Name (Reference for appropriate transcription if applicable)
Google Captcha Noun
Google Chrome Noun
Graceful Shutdown Noun
Gracefully Adverb
Graph Noun
Graph Verb
Great Firewall of China Noun
Grid Noun
HQ Noun
HRD Noun
HTTP Noun "The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, and hypermedia information systems. HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web." - Wikipedia (
HTTP Header Field Manipulation Noun
HTTP Invalid Request Line Noun
HTTPS Noun "HTTPS (also called HTTP over Transport Layer Security [TLS], HTTP over SSL, and HTTP Secure) is a communications protocol for secure communication over a computer network which is widely used on the Internet. HTTPS consists of communication over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) within a connection encrypted by Transport Layer Security, or its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer. The main motivation for HTTPS is authentication of the visited website and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data." - Wikipedia (
HTTPS Everywhere Noun
HTTPS certificate Noun
HVM Noun "Hardware Virtual Machine"Any fully virtualized, or hardware-assisted, VM utilizing the virtualization extensions of the host CPU.
Hardcoded Verb
Hardware Noun
Header Noun
Headline Noun
Heartbeat Noun
Helper link Noun
Hidden Adjective
Hidden Service Noun
High bandwidth Noun
High capacity Noun
High latency Noun
High-latency Noun
History Noun As in "Browser History" Riwayat
Homepage Noun
Hop Noun
Hosting provider Noun
Hotspot Noun
Housekeeping Noun
I/O Noun
I2P Noun
ID Noun
IDE Noun
IP address Noun Alamat IP
ISP Noun “Internet Service Provider
Identicon Noun
Immediate Adjective
Implement Verb
Inbound Adjective
Include Private Data Verb
Internet Noun
Internet Service Provider Noun Penyedia Jasa Internet
Introduce Verb
Introducer Noun
Introduction Noun
Invalid Adjective
Item Noun
JS Noun
Javascript Noun
Join Verb
KB/s Noun
KBps Noun
Key Backup Noun
Key Exchange Noun
Keyboard Noun
Keyboard Layout Noun
Language pack Noun
Lantern Noun Application Name (
Lantern Cloud Server Noun “Lantern” is the name of an application. (
Launcher Noun
Lease Noun
Leaseset Noun
Link Noun
Linked Identity Noun
List Noun
Listen Verb
Live CD Noun
Live ISO Noun
Live OS Noun
Live System Noun
Live USB Noun
Load Verb
Log Noun
Log file Noun
Logging Noun
Logs Noun
MBR Noun
MM Noun
Magic Word Noun
Mail routes Noun
Maintainer Noun
Malformed Adjective
Malicious Adjective
Malware Noun
Manage Contacts Noun [Martus] Martus menu option.
Martus Desktop Noun [Martus]
Martus Desktop Application Noun [Martus]
Martus Information Management and Data Collection Framework Noun [Martus]
Martus Record Archive (*mba) Noun [Martus]
Martus Report Format (.mrf) Noun [Martus]
Martus Search Specification Noun [Martus]
Master Boot Record, MBR Noun
Menu Noun
Message Format Noun
Message Of The Day Noun
Mirrors Noun
Mixnet Noun
Mobile Martus Noun
Multihome Noun
Multihoming Noun
My Computer Noun
NAT Noun
NGO Noun Non-Governmental Organization
Name Noun
Naming service Noun
NetDB Noun network database
NetVM Noun "Network Virtual Machine"A type of VM which connects directly to a network and provides access to that network to other VMs which connect to the NetVM.
Network Noun
Network database Noun
Network drive Noun
Newsletter Noun
Next Noun “Next” button
No Noun
Node Noun
Non-Tor Noun
OK Noun “OK” button which can also be translated as “Accept”
OS Noun Operating system
OTR Noun Off The Record
Observatory Noun
Off Adjective
On Adjective
Onion Noun
Onion Address Noun
Onion Circuits Noun
Onion routing Noun
OpenPGP Noun OpenPGP is a open specification and standard that implements PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
OpenPGP key Noun
Operating system Noun
Optimizations Noun
Optional Setup Noun
Options Noun
Overhead Noun
Overlay network Noun
Overview Noun
PDFs Noun
PGP Noun "Pretty Good Privacy"PGP is a commercial software for cyphering
PV Noun [QubesOS] "Paravirtualization"An efficient and lightweight virtualization technique originally introduced by the Xen Project and later adopted by other virtualization platforms.
PVHVM Noun [QubesOS] "Paravirtualization on Hardware Virtual Machine"To boost performance, fully virtualized HVM guests can use special paravirtual device drivers (PVHVM or PV-on-HVM drivers).
Padding Noun
Page Report Noun Type of report generated by Martus - not one page of a report.
Pane Noun
Panic Noun Panic button, panic app
Payload Noun
Peer-to-Peer Adjective
Persistence wizard Noun
Persistent Storage Noun
Personal information Noun
Phrases Noun
Pie Chart Noun
Piece Noun
Plan Noun
Plans Noun
Platforms Noun
Please Adverb
Pluggable Transport Noun
Pluggable Transports Bundle Noun
Pool Noun
Port Noun
Post Noun
Post Verb
Posted Verb
Postponed Adjective
Power Off Verb
Preferences Noun
Preview Verb
Primary Noun
Proceed Verb
ProxyVM Noun [QubesOS] "Proxy Virtual Machine"A type of VM which proxies network access for other VMs
Psiphon Noun Name of the organization and tool. Please do not translate this term. If needed, you can transcribe the organization / tool name. For example, the name is transcribed in Arabic, Persian and Amharic.
Public Information File (*.mpi) Noun Files containing the account's public information
Public-key cryptography Noun
Q&A Noun
QR Code Noun
Qubes Global Settings Noun [QubesOS]
Qubes OS Noun [QubesOS] Do not translate "Qubes OS"
RAM Noun
RMI Noun
Randomization Noun
Rate Noun
Read Verb
ReadMe Noun The ReadMe file included with any new software release that describes changes to software
Reboot Noun
Reboot Verb
Receiver Noun
Record Noun
Record ID Noun
Reference Guide Noun
Referer Noun
Referer spoofing Noun
Referral code Noun
Refresh Noun
Refresh Verb
Register Verb
Regular Adjective
Reject Verb
Release Verb
Release candidate Noun
Release key Noun
Release notes Noun
Removable media Noun
Removable media drive Noun
Repliable datagram Noun
Request Verb Meminta
Required Adjective
Reseed Verb
Reseeding Noun
Reset Noun
Reset Verb atur ulang
Retry Verb
Retweet Noun
Retweet Verb
Reusable Choice Noun
Rich Text Noun
Ring Tone Noun nada dering
Rip Noun
Rip Verb
Roadmap Noun
Root Noun
Root Verb
Router Noun
RouterInfo Noun
Ruleset Tests Noun
Running environment Noun
Runtime Noun
SD card Noun
SOCKS Noun "Socket Secure (SOCKS) is an Internet protocol that exchanges network packets between a client and server through a proxy server. SOCKS5 additionally provides authentication so only authorized users may access a server. Practically, a SOCKS server proxies TCP connections to an arbitrary IP address, and provides a means for UDP packets to be forwarded." - Wikipedia (
SSH Noun "Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network.[1] The best known example application is for remote login to computer systems by users." - Wikipedia (
SSL Noun "Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), both frequently referred to as "SSL", are cryptographic protocols that provide communications security over a computer network. Several versions of the protocols find widespread use in applications such as web browsing, email, Internet faxing, instant messaging, and voice-over-IP (VoIP). Websites are able to use TLS to secure all communications between their servers and web browsers." - Wikipedia (
SSL Observatory Noun
Safe-house Noun
Sanitize Verb
Satellite Provider Noun
Scramble Verb
Search Engine Noun
Search Results Noun Application menu item.
Secure Verb
Secure Sockets Layer Noun
Security token Noun
Seed Noun
Seed Verb
Seeding Noun
Selector Noun
Sensitive Adjective
Server Noun
ServiceVM Noun "Service Virtual Machine"A VM the primary purpose of which is to provide a service or services to other VMs.
Setting Noun
Settings Noun Application menu item.
Settings > Advanced Noun
Short User Manual Noun
Shutdown Noun
Shutdown Verb
Sidebar Noun
Signal Noun
Site Noun
Socket Noun
Spooled Adjective
Standalone(VM) Noun [QubesOS] "Standalone (Virtual Machine)"In general terms, a VM is described as **standalone** if and only if it does not depend on any other VM for its root filesystem.
StandaloneHVM Noun [QubesOS] "Standalone Hardware Virtual Machine"Any HVM which is standalone (i.e., does not depend on any other VM for its root filesystem).
Standard Fields Noun
Stop Verb
Stream Noun
Sync Manager Noun
TLS Noun "Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), both frequently referred to as "SSL", are cryptographic protocols that provide communications security over a computer network. Several versions of the protocols find widespread use in applications such as web browsing, email, Internet faxing, instant messaging, and voice-over-IP (VoIP). Websites are able to use TLS to secure all communications between their servers and web browsers." - Wikipedia (
TTL Noun
Tails Noun Name of the organization and tool.
Tails Installer Noun
Tap to explore Verb
TemplateBasedHVM Noun [QubesOS] "Template-Based Hardware Virtual Machine"Any HVM that depends on a TemplateVM for its root filesystem.
TemplateBasedVM Noun [QubesOS] "Template-Based Virtual Machine"Any VM which depends on a TemplateVM for its root filesystem.
TemplateHVM Noun [QubesOS] "Template Hardware Virtual Machine"Any HVM which functions as a TemplateVM by supplying [QubesOS] its root filesystem to other VMs.
TemplateVM Noun [QubesOS] "Template Virtual Machine."Any VM which supplies its root filesystem to another VM.
Tools Noun Martus menu option.
Tor Noun
Tor Bridges Noun
Tor Browser Noun Application Name (" Tor Browser
Tor Browser Bundle Noun
Tor Browser profile directory Noun
Tor Project Noun Organization name.
Tor network Noun Jaringan Tor
Tor relay Noun
Torbutton Noun
UI Noun user interface
URL Noun
USB drive Noun Specifically thumbdrives used as external storage.
Undo Verb
UpdateVM Noun [QubesOS]
UsbVM Noun [QubesOS]
VM Noun "virtual machine"
VPN Noun (Virtual Private Network) "A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network." - Wikipedia (
VPS Noun Virtual Private Server
Vidalia Noun
WAN Noun
Warning Interjection ex: “Warning! Selecting 'OK' will permanently delete all files”
Web Noun Web
WebApp Noun
Welcome Noun
WhisperBack Noun
WiFi Noun
Windows Noun Operating system
World Wide Web Noun
YYYY Noun “Year” Indicates that user must input a 4-digit year (ex: 1990)
Yes Noun
accept Verb
access Noun Akses
access Verb
account Noun Akun
accountability Noun
acknowledge Verb An acknowledgment in Peerio is similar to a message, but sends a "thumbs up" icon with no additional text. The thumbs-up icon is referred to as an "acknowledgment"
acknowledged Adjective An acknowledgment in Peerio is similar to a message, but sends a "thumbs up" icon with no additional text. The thumbs-up icon is referred to as an "acknowledgment"
acknowledgement Noun British English — A button in Peerio that functions similar to a message, but sends a "thumbs up" icon with a timestamp. The thumbs-up icon is referred to as an "acknowledgement"
acknowledgment Noun American English — A button in Peerio that functions similar to a message, but sends a "thumbs up" icon with a timestamp. The thumbs-up icon is referred to as an "acknowledgment"
acquire Verb memperoleh
active Adjective
activity Noun
ad-blocker Noun
add Verb
add-on Noun
add-ons Noun
added Adjective
address Noun Alamat
address bar Noun
addressbook Noun
advanced Adjective lanjut
agenda notes Noun
agent Noun
alternate Noun
alternative Adjective
ambiguous Adjective
and/or Preposition
anomymization Noun
anonymity Noun
anonymization Noun pengaturan anonim
anonymize Verb anonimkan
anonymous Adjective anonim
antivirus Noun Program Pembasmi Virus
app Noun Abbreviation of "application."
application Noun
apply Verb pasang
approach Noun
approve Verb
archive Noun arsip
archive Verb
argument Noun
arrive Verb tiba
article Noun
attachment Noun
audio Noun
authenticate Verb
authenticated Adjective
authentication Noun
author Noun
authorize Verb
available Adjective Tersedia
avatar Noun A computer generated visual icon used as an alternative digital fingerprint. aka "identicon".
back Verb kembali
back up Verb
background Noun Latar Belakang
backup Noun
bandwidth Noun
bar Noun
bare-metal Adjective
big data Noun
binaries Noun
binary Noun
block Noun
block Verb
blocked Adjective
blocked access Noun
blockfile Noun [I2P]
blocking resistant Adjective
blog Noun
blogging Noun
body Noun
bookmark Noun
boolean Noun
boot Verb
bootable Adjective
bootloader Noun
bounce Verb
bounty Noun
box Noun
break in Noun
bridge Noun [Tor]
bridge Verb [Tor]
bridge line Noun [Tor] a line with the bridge configuration
bridge relay Noun [Tor]
bridge type Noun [Tor]
browse Verb
browser Noun web browser peramban
bug Noun
bug report Noun
bundle Noun
bundled Adjective
button Noun
bypass Verb
cache Noun
cache Verb
cancel Noun batal
cancel Verb
cc Noun “carbon copy”
censored Adjective
censorship Noun
certificate Noun
certificate Verb
certificate authority Noun
certificate chain Noun
certificates Noun
chain Noun
change Verb
change log Noun
chart Noun
check Verb
checksum Noun
choke Verb
choose Verb
ciphertext Noun
circuit Noun
circuits Noun
circumvent Noun
circumvent Verb
circumvention Noun
clear Verb
cleartext Noun
click Noun
click Verb
click and hold Verb
clickjacking attack Noun
client Noun
clipboard Noun
close Verb
cloud storage Noun
code Noun
codec Noun
collusion attack Noun
color Noun
command Noun
commandline Noun
commandline tool Noun
communicate Verb
communication Noun
communications Noun
community Noun
community center Noun
compatible Adjective
complete Verb
completed Adjective
compose Verb
compressed Adjective
compression Noun
compression/decompression tool Noun
compromise Verb
computer Noun
concordance Noun
conference Noun
configure Verb
confirm Verb
connect Verb
connecting Verb
connection Noun
connection Noun
consensus Noun
contact Noun
contact request Noun
content Noun
control panel Noun
control port Noun
conversation Noun A "conversation" is the same as a message "thread"
conversations Noun Conversations are the same as message "threads"
copy Verb
create Verb
create Verb
credentials Noun
credits Noun
cross-certification Noun
crucial Adjective
curriculum for trainers Noun
custom Adjective
customer support Noun
cut Verb
daemon Noun
data Noun
data package Noun
datastore Noun
day Noun
debug Verb
debug mode Noun
debugging Noun
decline Verb
decompression Noun
decrypt Verb Cryptography is the process of encryption and decryption of data.
Criptografía es el processo de cifrar and descifrar datos."
decrypted Adjective
decryption Noun
deepending Adjective Para saber más o Profundizar o Profundización - editora de estilo debe de escoger y hacer estandard.
default Noun Standar
delete Verb Delete removes a message/file from a user's account
deleted Adjective
deprecated Adjective
desktop Noun
destroy Verb Removes message/file from the entire Peerio server and all users' accounts
detail Noun
device Noun
devices Noun
dialog Noun
directory Adverb
disable Verb
disabled Adjective
disabled Verb
discussion Noun
domain Noun An area or set of activities in one's digital life that has certain security requirements and therefore involves the use of certain qube.
download Noun
download Verb
draft Noun
drafts Noun
drag Verb
drop-down list Noun
dual boot Noun
edit Verb
eepsite Noun
email identity (e-mail identity) Noun
email provider Noun
email, e-mail Noun
embedded Adjective
enable Verb
encoded Adjective
encrypt Verb Cryptography is the process of encryption and decryption of data. enkripsi
encrypted Adjective terenkripsi
encrypted persistent storage Noun
encryption Noun
encryption key Noun
end-to-end Conjunction
end-to-end encryption Noun
enter Verb
error Noun
event log Noun
exception Noun
exchange Verb
executable Noun
exit Noun
exit Verb
exit relay Noun
exited Verb
experience Verb
expiration Noun
expiration date Noun
export Verb
extension Noun
extract Verb
failed Adjective
failed Verb
feature Noun
feed Noun
fetch Verb
field, fields Noun
file Noun
file sharing Noun
filesystem Noun
filter Noun
find Verb
fingerprint Noun Sidik Jari
fingerprint identification Noun Identifikasi Sidik Jari
firewall Noun
fix Noun
fix Verb
floodfill Noun
floodfill peer Noun
folder Noun
follow Verb
fragment Noun
free Adjective
full restricted route Noun
gateway Noun
general Adjective
generate Verb As in "generate key"
generation Noun
geo-location Noun
get Verb
go Verb
goals Noun
handshake Noun
help Noun
help Verb
hide Verb
history Noun
home Noun
host Noun
hostname Noun
hostnames Noun
hour Noun
human rights Noun
i.e. Noun
ice breakers Noun
icon Noun
identity Noun Identitas
ignore Verb
illustrated Adverb
image Noun
import Verb
improve Verb
in-transit encryption Noun
inbox Noun
include Verb
incognito Noun
incompatible Adjective Tersembunyi
incremental Adjective
info Noun
information Noun
input Noun
install Verb
installation Noun
installer Noun
interface Noun
interrupt Verb
intranet Noun
isolate Verb
isolation Noun
issue Noun
issues Noun
jar Noun “A JAR (Java ARchive) is a package file format typically used to aggregate many Java class files and associated metadata and resources (text, images, etc.) into one file for distribution.” (
jump service link Noun
kernel Noun
key Noun
key id Noun id kunci
key list Noun
key owner Noun pemilik kunci
key password Noun
key size Noun
keychain Noun
keypair (key pair) Noun
keyring Noun
keyserver Noun
keywords Noun
kidnapping Noun
label Noun
language Noun
launch Noun
law enforcement Noun
library Noun Refers to a "library" in computing
licence Noun
license Noun
license Noun
line-of-sight Noun
link Noun
live Adverb
locate Noun
location Noun
lock Verb
lock icon Noun
log Verb
log in Verb
login Noun
logo Noun
logout Noun
logs Noun
low latency Noun
mail Noun
mailbox Noun
mailboxes Noun
mailing list Noun
main menu Noun
maintain Verb
manifest Noun
manual Adjective
master key Noun
match Verb
menu bar Noun
message Noun
message body Noun
message thread Noun Alternative to "conversation"
messaging Noun
metadata Noun
miniLock Noun
ministreaming library Noun
minute Noun
mirror Noun
miscellaneous Adjective
mobile Adjective
mobile notifications Noun
mobile number Noun
modal Adjective
month Noun
mount Verb
mouse Noun
move Verb
multi-boot Noun
name Noun
neighborhood Noun
networking Noun
new Adjective baru
nickname Noun
nickname Noun
note Noun
notification Noun
obfuscate Verb
offline Adjective
online Adjective
open Verb buka
open-source Adjective
opened Verb
optical Adjective
options Noun
orbot Noun
organize Verb
output Noun
overlay Noun
owner Noun
ownership Noun
package Noun paket
package manager Noun
paper Noun
paravirtualization Noun "Paravirtualization" An efficient and lightweight virtualization technique originally introduced by the Xen Project and later adopted by other virtualization platforms.
parent Adjective
parse Verb
part Noun
passcode Noun A user-chosen and device-specific password
passphrase Noun A computer-generated set of 6-10 random words used as the primary authentication for Peerio accounts.
password Noun sandi
paste Noun
path Noun
peer Noun
peer reviewed Adjective
peers Noun
pending Adjective
penetration test Noun
perceived performance Noun
performance Noun
permissions Noun
persistence Adjective
persistence partition Noun
persistent Adjective
persistent overlay Noun
persistent storage Noun
persistent volume Noun
phishing Noun
physical surveillance Noun
plain text Noun
plugin Noun
policies Noun
policy Noun
popup Noun
popup window Noun
port Noun port
portable Adjective
predecessor attack Noun
preferences Noun
prevent Verb
privacy Noun
privacy notice Noun
privacy officer Noun
private Adjective
private key (secret key) Noun
privoxy Noun
probing Verb
process Noun
process Verb
processed Adjective
profile Noun
program Noun program
properly Adverb
prototype Noun
proxied Adjective
proxied site Noun
proxy Noun
proxy test Noun
public account ID Noun The Martus account's public identifier
public code Noun
public key Noun
public key / public account key Noun The Martus account's public key
public key infrastructure Noun
publish Verb
pull Noun 9
pull Verb In the context of commits (GitHub, GitLab etc.)
qube Noun [QubesOS] A user-friendly term for a VM in Qubes OS.
quit Verb
read-only Adjective
receive Verb
recipient Noun
recipients Noun
recommend Verb
reconnect Verb
record Noun
record Verb
recover Verb
reenter Verb
referral code Noun
register Verb
regular Adjective
relay Noun
relay Verb
relay directory Noun
relay node Noun
release Noun
release Verb
release candidate Noun
reload Verb
remaining Adjective
remove Verb
rename Verb
render Verb
rendering Adjective
rendering Noun
report Noun
report Verb
repository Noun
request Noun
rescan Verb
resending Noun
reset Verb atur ulang
resetting Noun pengaturan ulang
resolver Noun
restart Noun
restart Verb
restore Verb
restricted route Noun
restriction Noun
retrieve Verb (from server)
review Verb
revision Noun
revokation certificate Noun
revoke Verb
revoked Adjective
rooftop Noun
room Noun
root Adjective dasar
route Noun
route Verb (wikipedia usa encaminar, pero encaminamiento no nos gustó)
router Noun
router console Noun
routeur family Noun
routing Noun
row Noun
rule Noun
ruleset Noun
run Verb
sandbox Noun
save Verb simpan
scan Verb
scour Verb
scroll bar Noun
search Verb cari
search index Noun
second Noun
secure Adjective
secureApp Noun Name of the application.
securely Adverb
security Noun
security background Noun
security level Noun
security log Noun
select Verb
selected Adjective
selection Noun
send Verb
separate Adjective
server Noun
service Noun
session Noun
set Noun
set Verb
set up Verb
setup Noun
share Noun
share Verb
show Verb
shut down Verb
shutdown Noun
shutdown Verb
sidebar Noun
sign Verb
signature Noun
signed Adjective
signup form Noun
site Noun Website
size Noun
smartphones Noun
software Noun
source Noun
spam Noun
specify Verb
split Verb
split GPG Noun "Split GPG" is the name of a feature. For reference:
split bar Noun
split package Noun
sponsor Noun
sponsor Verb
spoof Verb
spoofing Noun
spreadsheet Noun
standalone Adjective
standard Noun
start Noun
start Verb
startup Noun
state Noun
statistics Noun
status Noun
storage Noun
stores Noun
stream Noun
streaming library Noun
strip Verb
subject Noun
subkey Noun
submission Noun
submit Verb
subscription Noun
suggested Adjective
suggestion Noun
suitable Adjective
summary Noun
superuser Noun
support Noun
support Verb
supported Adjective
surveillance Noun
swarm Noun
switch Noun
sync Verb
synthesis Noun Repaso y conclusión. En plural es Síntesis también.
sys-firewall Noun
system's clock Noun
tab Noun
tag Noun
tag Verb
tagging attack Conjunction
tap Verb
tarball Noun
target Noun
task bar Noun
taskbar Noun
team Noun
template Noun
template-based VM Noun [QubesOS] "Template-Based Virtual Machine"Any VM which depends on a TemplateVM for its root filesystem.
terminal Noun
terms of service Noun
test bed Noun
text area Noun
text format Noun
theme Noun
thread Noun A message "thread" is also a "conversation"
threat model Noun
threat model / threat modeling Verb
throttling Noun
thumbnail Noun
thumbs up icon Noun As in the emoji called by "(y)" or ":thumbsup:"
ticket Noun
time out Verb
timeout Noun
timestamp Noun
timezone Noun
timing attack Noun
tip Noun
title Noun
title bar Noun
toggle Noun
toggle Verb To switch back and forth between two options (ex: on/off)
token Noun
tool Noun
toolbar Noun
tools Noun
torify Verb
tortification Noun
tracker Noun
traffic Noun
traffic analysis attack Conjunction
trainer Noun
training Noun (awareness raising session - concientización, sensibilización)
trash Noun
trashcan icon Noun
tray Noun
troubleshooting Noun
trust Noun
tunnel Noun
tunnel Verb
tunneling Adjective
tunneling Noun
turn off Verb
turn on Verb
tweet Noun
tweet Verb
two-factor authentication Noun
type Verb
unable Verb
unabled Adjective
unavailable Adjective
uncheck Verb
unchoke Verb
unexpected Adjective
unfollow Verb
uninstall Verb
unit test Noun
unknown Adjective
unlock Verb
unlocked Adjective
unmount device Verb
unmount, unmounting Verb
unpack Verb
unparseable Adjective
unreachable Adjective
unrecognized Adjective
unsafe Adjective
untrusted Adjective
up-to-date Adjective
update Noun
update Verb
upgrade Noun
upgrade Verb
upload Noun
upload Verb
uploader Noun
uploading Noun
uptime Noun
user Noun
user ID Noun user identification
user agent Noun
user data Noun
user guide Noun
user manual Noun
user settings Noun
username Noun
variable Noun
vcard, v-card Noun
verification Noun
verified Adjective
verify Verb
version Noun
version Verb Create a new version of a record or file while still maintaining past versions of the file.
versioned Adjective
video chat Noun
view Noun
view Verb
viewport Noun
virtual machine Noun A software implementation of a machine (for example, a computer) which executes programs like a physical machine.
volume Noun
volunteer Noun
vulnerability Noun
vulnerable Adjective
wallet Noun
warning Noun
watch Verb
watch list Noun
watermark Noun
web browser Noun
web connectivity Noun
web interface Noun
webmail provider Noun
website Noun Situs web
week Noun
whistleblower Noun
whistleblower Noun
whitelist Noun
whole device Noun As in “whole device encryption.”
wildcards Noun
window Noun
wipe Verb
wizard / assistant Noun A “getting started” wizard / assitant
work Verb
work-around Noun
wrapper Noun
year Noun
you (plural, formal) Pronoun
you (plural, informal) Pronoun
you (singular, formal) Pronoun
you (singular, informal) Pronoun
your (plural, formal) Adjective
your (plural, informal) Adjective
your (singular, formal) Adjective
your (singular, informal) Adjective
Conjunction Punctuation, not a conjunction, however “punctionation” is not an option in Transifex

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