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Contributor Trainings

Getting Started with Weblate (08/16/2018)

Loïc Dachary of the SecureDrop and Enough communities walks you through how to sign up for and use Weblate, a free and open source translation platform that can be self hosted. Projects like SecureDrop, F-Droid and FreedomBox use Weblate as a localization platform. Michal Čihař, the author of Weblate, also joined the training and responded to questions.

Project AMA's, Trainings and Demos

Ask-Me-Anything's (AMA's)

Tella AMA (October 2020)

Tor Project Southeast Asia AMA (February 2019)

Briar AMA (February 2019)

SecureDrop AMA (April 2018)

Tor Project AMA (June 2017)

GlobaLeaks AMA


Getting Started with Weblate with Loïc Dachary and Michal Čihař