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"CGIProxy was the original anti-censorship software, and it is a clientless solution. It has been in development and use since 1996, and BIFSO's primary task is updating CGIProxy to add new features and support new Web technologies. Among clientless solutions, CGIProxy is the most rigorous in supporting pages with JavaScript (i.e. "dynamic" pages), which includes almost every popular Web page today.

You can download CGIProxy from its home page or from BIFSO's site. As described earlier, it has to be installed on a server somewhere outside of the censoring filter; one installation can then be used by many people.

For techies: CGIProxy is a CGI script, or it can be installed under mod_perl for much faster performance if that is available to you. Please install CGIProxy only on a secure server, or else the censors will be able to see what you and your users are doing."

Project Website:
Twitter: @bifsofreespeech
Download CGIProxy:

Translate CGIProxy

CGIProxy is currently not available for translation in Transifex. We will make an announcement when the project has been set up and is ready to accept translations.

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