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Courier Logo
Courier Logo

"Courier is a mobile news-reader with enhanced security and design features that make it safe and useful in areas where the network is slow, is being manipulated, or is monitored by bad actors. Courier is ideal for the user who prefers minimal use of the public network or wants to share news with users who themselves prefer not to use the public network. Courier has configuration options that allow each user to determine the quantity of on-device storage used by the application for articles and the associated media." - Courier Guide for Translators

Translate Courier!

Translation Guidelines

If you need to transcribe the application name for ease of use of users, please place the transcribed name in parentheses following the original name as follows:
ex: Courier (كوريور)
  • For strings that are tagged "notranslate," please copy and paste the source string into the translation field.