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Umbrella App Logo

"Digital security used to be for banks. Physical security used to be for bodyguards. Not any more. We carry everything with us--our work, our finances, our most private communications, right in our pockets. We all know we should be more careful. But technology makes life convenient, and security can feel like it's slowing us down. We founded Security First because we get that. We also know you want to protect yourself and your team, wherever you're going. So we're making it easy, designing tools and training with your needs in mind. We're passionate about what we do. Let us help you put security first."

Who is Umbrella App for?
People who are at risk because of what they do (journalists, activists, aid workers), or because of who they are (women, minorities).

Who is Umbrella App not for?
NGOs with large budgets to manage security.


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Translation Priorities

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