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Apple Censorship Logo

"Apple claims to defend human rights, yet thousands of apps are selectively made unavailable in App Stores around the world."

The Apple Censorship website lets users search and view which apps are available in different AppStores around the world.

Twitter: @applecensorship, @GreatFireChina

Website is currently available in: Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), English, French

Translate Apple Censorship

Priority Languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Hindi

Getting Started

1. Create a Transifex Account:

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2. Join the Apple Censorship Translation Team:

3. Review the #Translation Guidelines:

Make sure you are familiar with the Translation Guidelines before you begin translating. They contain important information like whether or not to translate or transliterate the Project name.

Translation Guidelines

Refer to the general Translation and Review Guidelines.