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Delta Chat is like Telegram or Whatsapp but without the tracking or central control. Delta Chat does not need your phone number.

Delta Chat doesn’t have their own servers but uses the most massive and diverse open messaging system ever: the existing e-mail server network.

Chat with anyone if you know their e-mail address, no need for them to install DeltaChat! All you need is a standard e-mail account.

Download Delta Chat
Delta Chat is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, GNU/Linux

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Getting Started

1. Create a Transifex Account:

Haven't created a Transifex account yet? Create one here.

2. Join the Delta Chat Translation Team:

3. Download Delta Chat:

Download Delta Chat for your mobile or desktop device! This is an important step to familiarize you with the tool and the original English strings and translations in context. Delta Chat is currently only available to download on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, GNU/Linux.

4. Review the #Translation Guidelines:

Make sure you are familiar with the Translation Guidelines before you begin translating. They contain important information like whether or not to translate or transliterate the project name.

Translation Guidelines

Refer to the general Translation and Review Guidelines.

Translation Priorities & Resources

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Delta Chat Website

Localization References

Delta Chat FAQ