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FreedomBox Logo
FreedomBox Logo

"FreedomBox is a simple private server, wireless internet router, and multi-purpose tool designed to create internet freedom with only free software and inexpensive hardware. FreedomBox is a Debian-based system designed to protect against data-mining, surveillance, and censorship."


Localization Needs

First Priority: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil
Second Priority: Chinese (Simplified), Persian, Bahasa Indonesia, Telugu

Translate FreedomBox

FreedomBox is translated on Hosted Weblate. You will need to create an account before you can contribute.

Take a look at the Weblate Starter Tutorial to learn how to use Weblate.

Localization Resources

Get in Contact

  • #freedombox channel on the OFTC (The Open and Free Technology Community) IRC network
  • FreedomBox Discussion Group:
  • GitHub