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MuWire is an anonymous file-sharing program using I2P technology. You can share, search and download files of any type. MuWire is completely free and open source.

Twitter: muwire

Translate MuWire

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Getting Started

1. Create a Transifex Account

Haven't created a Transifex account yet? Create one here.

2. Join the MuWire Translation Team

3. Download MuWire

Download MuWire for macOS, Windows and Linux. Prior to translation it's important to familiarize yourself with the tool and the original English content for translation in context.

4. Review the #Translation Guidelines

Make sure you are familiar with the Translation Guidelines before you begin translating. They contain important information like whether or not to translate or transliterate the project name.

Translation Guidelines

Refer to the general Translation and Review Guidelines.

  • Do not translate or transliterate the app name. If it is necessary to transliterate for users in your language, please leave "Briar" in Latin letters followed by the transliterated name in parentheses.
Ex: Briar (برایر)

Localization References

Translation Instructions