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Psiphon is an open-source Internet censorship circumvention tool that allows users to access blocked content and websites on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Psiphon uses a combination of secure communication and obfuscation technologies (VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy) to ensure you always have access to the open Internet.


Download Psiphon:
Psiphon is available on Android, iOS, and Windows. To ensure you download a verified version of Psiphon and not an unofficial or malicious copy, download from the Psiphon Website.


Join the Psiphon Translation Team:


Where should you start translating? Below is a list of the highest priority resources for Psiphon and which apps they correspond with. You should begin translating the resources marked Urgent, then move to High Priority resources, finishing the rest of the resources last.

Psiphon 3_live

"Psiphon 3_live" is the Psiphon website. For many, this page may be their first introduction to the Psiphon applications and it is important that it be available in all of the languages Psiphon tools are available in.

Psiphon 3

The Psiphon 3 project contains all of the resources associated with the various Psiphon 3 applications on Android, iOS and Windows. Some resources are higher priority than others based on user habits.

Psiphon VPN for Android

The Android application resources are the highest priority in this project because in most regions, Android devices are more common than iOS devices and mobile devices are more popular than computers.

  • Android App browser strings Urgent
  • Android App strings Urgent
  • Android Library strings Urgent
  • Store Assets (Google Play Store Description) High Priority

Psiphon VPN for iOS

  • iOS Common Library: Root.strings Urgent
  • iOS VPN App: Localizable.strings Urgent
  • iOS Common Library: Localizable.strings
  • iOS VPN App: Store Assets (Apple AppStore Description) High Priority

Email Template & Feedback Strings

  • Email Template Strings High Priority
  • Feedback Auto-responses High Priority
  • Feedback Template Strings High Priority

Website Strings

The website strings correspond to the full Psiphon website as opposed to the home page which is translated in the Psiphon 3_live Project.

  • Website strings High Priority
Please translate the Download Page strings first. You can find them by typing "tags:Download-Page" into the filter in the Transifex web editor. The relevant strings will appear in the left-hand panel of the editor.

Psiphon VPN for Windows

  • Windows Client strings

Psiphon Browser for iOS

The Psiphon Browser for iOS is one of the lowest priority applications. The majority of users interested in Psiphon will opt to use the iOS VPN application instead of the browser.

  • iOS Browser App: IASKLocalizable.strings
  • iOS Browser App: InfoPlist.strings
  • iOS Browser App: Localizable.strings
  • iOS Browser App: OnePasswordExtension.strings
  • iOS Browser App: Root.strings
  • iOS Browser App: Store Assets

Psiphon 2

Psiphon 2 is currently not a priority for the Psiphon Project because it is only used by a select number of users. However, if you would like to see Psiphon 2 in your language, please contact us to let us know and we can help you coordinate the translation and review.

  • psiphon-2.po

Translation Guidelines

Localization Resources

Download the Windows, Android and iOS app