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Save (Share Archive Verify Encrypt) is a free, open-source mobile app designed to help people preserve, protect, and amplify audio/visual media, currently available for iOS and Android. Functionalities include hash media verification, adding metadata via Proofmode and Creative Commons licensing to audio/visual mobile media, and sending it to the Internet Archive and other private archives over the privacy-focused Tor network.

Save by OpenArchive makes it easy to store, share, and amplify your mobile media while protecting your identity.

Our mobile application protects your freedom of speech by leveraging a suite of privacy-enhancing technologies to safeguard your media and identity in the event of internet shutdowns, surveillance, device confiscations, content takedowns, limited bandwidth, and data loss.

Project Website:
Save FAQ
Download Save by OpenArchive: iOS, Android

Translate Save

Getting Started

1. Create a Transifex Account:

Haven't created a Transifex account yet? Create one here.

2. Join the Save Translation Team:

3. Download Save by OpenArchive:

Download Save for Android or iOS! This is an important step to familiarize you with the tool and the original English strings and translations in context.

4. Review the #Translation Guidelines:

Make sure you are familiar with the Translation Guidelines before you begin translating. They contain important information like whether or not to translate or transliterate the project name.

5. Start Translating from the #Translation Priorities & Resources:

The list of resources and translation priorities will help you decide which content to work on first in the Save project. Some resources are more important to work on than others because they affect a larger number of Save users or are tied to a more strict release schedule. Dedicate your time on the resources that will make the most impact for users first.

Translation Guidelines

Please refer to the general Translation and Review Guidelines

  • Do not translate or transliterate the app name. If it is necessary to transliterate for users in your language, please leave "Save" and "OpenArchive" in Latin letters followed by the transliterated name in parentheses.
Ex: Briar (برایر)
  • Be aware of placeholders. You will often encounter placeholders which will be replaced by a number or word. You can move these placeholders around in the string so that they make sense grammatically, however do not replace the placeholder itself with another character.
Ex: "% of % item uploaded" (English source) -> "% von % Element hochgeladen" (German translation)

Language Priorities

  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian

Translation Priorities & Resources

Save by OpenArchive (iOS)

Resource Priority
iOS App Strings Urgent
AppStore Description High Priority
App Name High Priority
App Promotional Text High Priority
App Keywords High Priority
App Name Subtitle High Priority
App Name Subtitle High Priority
Information Property List High Priority

OpenArchive (Android)

Currently not ready for localization

Resource Priority
Android App Strings Locked

Localized Resources