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Most of the Turkish resources of Localization Lab is managed by 'orya @ Mattermost'. If you'd like to contribute, refer to the following links.


Localization Lab Channel
Turkish Language Team Channel

The Localization Lab Mattermost channel and Localization Lab language-focused channels are hosted on the Team CommUNITY Mattermost instance and are subject to their Code of Conduct. To join Mattermost, follow the instructions on the Team CommUNITY wiki and indicate that you are joining as a member of the Localization Lab community. Once you have created a Mattermost account, you can join the Localization Lab main channel and any language team channels.

Active Projects

Signal for iOS / Android / Desktop

Language Resources

Below here, you can find helpful information about translating to Turkish, as a translator there are subset of rules that you should obey on your work.


Turkish Unified Localization Lab Glossary

Up-to-date Turkish Glossary (TDK)

Style Guides

Türkçe Çeviri ve İnceleme Kılavuzu (tamamlanmadı)

Signal Turkish translations Style Guide (boş)