Localization for Internet Freedom

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Link to printable agenda

08:30: Arrival and Registration

Please arrive early and be ready to start promptly at 09:00

09:00: Event Introduction and Overview

Introduction to the Localization for Internet Freedom Sprint
Introduction to Localization Lab
Event Agenda Overview

09:30: Introduction to the Censorship Landscape and Psiphon

Overview of the Censorship Landscape
Psiphon Demo

10:30: Break

10:45: Localization Overview

Overview of Transifex Translation Interface

11:15: Glossary Introduction and Overview

Overview of Glossary and Technical Terminology

11:45: Localization

Overview of Language Team Tasks
Collaborative Translation and Review of Psiphon
Breaks can be taken as needed during the collaborative localization period

12:30: Lunch

Get to know your fellow sprint participants over lunch

13:30: Localization

Collaborative Translation and Review of Psiphon
Breaks can be taken as needed during the collaborative localization period

16:45: Break

17:00: Conclusion

Event Feedback
How Can You Continue to Support Localization Lab?
Closing Remarks


  • Psiphon Wiki Page - Contains translation guidelines and a list of Psiphon translation and review priorities.
  • Psiphon Localization Assignment Sheet - Use this sheet to track and coordinate translation and review of the different Psiphon resources with others on your language team.

Using the Psiphon Localization Assignment Sheet
Each resource in the Psiphon project is listed in the spreadsheet with a corresponding priority (Urgent, High or Low Priority).

1. Find the column dedicated to your language. If your language is not listed yet you can add it in a new column.
2. Make sure you have the Psiphon project open in Transifex.
3. Identify which resources need translation (or review if all translation work is done) and assign your name to the resource you will work on as either a translator or reviewer, starting with the highest priority content.
Is everything translated? Help us spot check and ensure consistency of terminology and list yourself as a reviewer.


Using the Glossary
The Key Psiphon Terms sheet contains important terms used in the Psiphon project. You cannot search for terms by project in Transifex, so we have placed them in this spreadsheet so that you can scroll through relevant terms more easily.

  • While translating and reviewing, you should have both the Key Psiphon Terms and the Transifex Glossary open for reference.
  • Refer to the Transifex Glossary in the Glossary tab in the Transifex Web Editor while translating and reviewing. Whenever the translation of a key term is not listed in the Transifex Glossary, please take a moment to add the term. This will help to maintain consistency across Psiphon and other related projects in the Localization Lab Hub. Please do not add any translations to the Key Psiphon Terms document. It is only a reference.
  • Want to change a term in the Glossary? If you change any terms already in the glossary, be sure to leave a comment in the translation comments to explain the change as much as possible. This will ensure other contributors understand the change. Then take a moment to search all of the resources in Psiphon to make sure the term is translated consistently and correctly.
  • Is there more than one translation for a term? You can add more than one translation in the glossary. Simply separate the two entries with a semi-colon ';'. If necessary, you can leave additional comments in the translation comments for the term.

The Microsoft Searchable Terminology is also a useful reference for technical terminology

Style Guide

Aside from the Translation Guidelines on the Psiphon wiki page, there is no general style guide for Psiphon. You can use the following technical style guides for reference: