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Communication Platforms

The Localization Lab Mattermost channel and Localization Lab language-focused channels are hosted on the International Freedom Festival Mattermost instance and are subject to their Code of Conduct. Be sure to read through the Code of Conduct and then contact us and we will send you a link to sign up for the channel.

Mattermost: Spanish Channel


Spanish Localization Lab Unified Glossary

Diccionario de la lengua española Real Académica Española

Linguistic Resources

Neutralidad de género en español

Todas, tod@s, todxs, todes: historia de la disidencia gramatical

Project Resources


Documentación de los traductores al español de Tails

Unofficial Resources
Como Instalar Sistema Operativo Tails en Virtual Box Español [YouTube]
Review Tails 3.0 Español 2017 [YouTube]

Training Resources and Guides

Cibermujeres: Currícula de capacitación en seguridad digital holística para defensoras de derechos humanos