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Language Team Pages

Language Team ISO 639-1 Codes
Afrikaans af
Amharic am
Arabic ar
Bengali bn
Burmese my
Catalan ca
Chinese (simplified) zh, zh_CH, zh-Hans
Chinese (traditional) zh, zh_TW, zh-Hant
Dutch & Frisian nl, nl_BE, fy
French fr
German de
Greek el
Indonesian (Bahasa) id
Kannada kn
Khmer km
Kurdish (Kurmanji) kmr
Kurdish (Sorani) ckb
Luganda lg
Malayalam ml
Malay ms
Oromo om
Persian fa
Portuguese (Portugal) pt, pt_PT
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt_BR
Serbian sr
Shona sn
Spanish es
Swahili sw
Tigrinya ti
Thai th
Turkish tr
Turkmen tk
Ukrainian uk