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| [[Portuguese]]
| [[Portuguese]]
| pt, pt_PT, pt_BR
| pt, pt_PT, pt_BR
| [[Serbian]]
| sr
| [[Shona]]
| [[Shona]]

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Want to add a language team page? You can use and customize the Language Team Template to get started.

Language Team Pages

Language Team ISO 639-1 Codes
Amharic am
Arabic ar
Bahasa Indonesia id
Burmese my
Catalan ca
Simplified Chinese zh, zh_CH, zh-Hans
Traditional Chinese zh, zh_TW, zh-Hant
Dutch nl, nl_NL, nl_BE
French fr
German de
Greek el
Khmer km
Kurdish (Kurmanji) kmr
Kurdish (Sorani) ckb
Luganda lg
Afaan Oromoo om
Persian fa
Portuguese pt, pt_PT, pt_BR
Serbian sr
Shona sn
Spanish es
Swahili sw
Tigrinya ti
Thai th
Turkish tr
Turkmen tk
Ukrainian uk

Multi-Lingual Glossaries

  • Wikipedia
    *Search for a term in English and refer to the "Languages" section in the sidebar to see if a page for that term exists in your language. You can also add terms yourself: "How to Translate"
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation's Security Self-Defense Glossary
    *Available in: Amharic, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Urdu

Multi-Lingual Style Guides

Microsoft Language Portal Downloadable Style Guides

Terminology & Glossary Planning

Term Planning

Term planning for Irish – and other languages